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Cherry Lime was inspired by one of our founder’s favorite childhood beverages.  It has a fresh yet nostalgic cherry flavor and the perfect balance of refreshing lime. It really does taste like the fizzy cherry limeade from our childhood.
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MOOD BOOST works by naturally promoting the mood boosting chemicals in your brain and reducing the stress chemicals. We balanced 4 powerful ingredients to create the perfect Mood Boosting tonic.



Promotes serotonin (the happy hormone) to lift your MOOD

Sourced from the seeds of an African plant known as Griffonia, 5-HTP is a natural part of the serotonin cycle and what the brain converts into serotonin. When this natural supplement is ingested, it can promote levels of serotonin AKA the “feel good” neurotransmitter in the brain.

Our 5-HTP is Certified Organic, clinically backed and uses a water only extraction.  

To learn more about 5-HTP click here

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Reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) to help you UNWIND

Also known as winter cherry, Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in India.

Ashwagandha has been shown to help lower levels of cortisol, a hormone produced by your adrenal glands in response to stress. It has also been shown to increase mental stamina and reduce anxiety.

It has been used for over 6000 years and is known as an adaptogenic herb due to its stress relieving properties. 

To learn more about Ashwagandha click here

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Promotes mental endurance to help you ACHIEVE

Rhodiola rosea is a perennial flowering plant and grows naturally in Arctic regions of Europe and Asia. These artic regions of the world have used Rhodiola for centuries to treat anxiety and fatigue. 

Modern use and research of this herb and been shown to boost physical and mental performance. 

It is a great alternative to caffeine, and we use it to put the BOOST in MOOD BOOST. 

To learn more about Rhodiola Rosea click here

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Soothes your nerves to help you RELAX

Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a naturally occurring amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter in your brain. 

GABA regulates signaling and activity in the nervous system which produces a calming effect and helps reduce feelings of stress and fear.

Fun fact: GABA isn’t available in most food sources. The foods that contain the most GABA are fermented ones, such as kimchi, miso, and tempeh. 

To learn more about GABA click here

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Who is Kowa

Kōwa (ko-wah) is derived from the Japanese word Chōwa, which means the search for balance and harmony.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create indulgent and functional foods that help the human body achieve balance - mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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Founders Story

Life has a way of bringing people together. And that has definitely held true for our founding team.

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Kowa’s start came at a time when each of us were looking for something new. All of us had been working in the world of health and wellness, but the corporate grind had been taking its toll. We were drained. As the mental and emotional strains of big business increased, the fulfillment of a healthy and balanced work life seemed more and more like a distant memory. Being friends, we connected frequently on what we wanted to create for our futures and how we might accomplish those things. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we could accomplish those dreams together. We started Kowa with a vision of creating the balanced lives that we envisioned for ourselves - mentally, emotionally, and physically. And we believed that if it worked for us, then there was a good chance it would work for others too.

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The moment came for each of us at different times, but eventually, we were all able to make the leap. We left our corporate jobs and dedicated ourselves to the fulfilling process of building a company that we were proud to stand behind.

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As with most companies’ growth journeys, there are struggles and hard times along the way - and we’ve certainly had our fair share of those. But we aren’t looking back. We find fulfillment in the process of growth as individuals and as a team. And we’ve been grateful to meet customers along the way that share our passion for what we are building.

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If the pressure and strain of the corporate grind was necessary for making Kowa a reality, then that’s fine by us. Afterall, diamonds are just lumps of coal that are resilient under pressure. No, we’re not diamond status yet, but we like the imagery.

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Our team’s personal experiences and desires have inspired our purpose and mission at Kowa: to create indulgent and functional products that help the human body achieve balance - mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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